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New Online Toys

Testing out a new platform that was shown to me a week or so ago.  So far I really like it. offers the opportunity to schedule posts.   This allows you to grow your business and spend far less time managing your facebook, twitter and linked in accounts.   Give it a try and please shoot me some feedback.

The other offering I have for you this week is    Narrable was designed for use by educators however it has a variety of business applications as well.  This product allows you to post pictures of your listings and the community around it and then do a voice over attached to each photo.   You can then embed a link or send to your database to grow your business.    Log in, get a demo account and check it out.


As always, I am more than willing to help out.  If you have products or services you want feedback on let me know.


Live Out Loud




The Problem With One Size Fits All

I have attended a few trainings recently that have left me with the impression that if you just follow so and so’s program for real estate success than you can and will be a millionaire in no time flat. BS BS BS! The best real estate success program is one that you will use on a consistent basis and one that begins with your end goal in mind. Let me use exercise as a quick illustration. If you want to get in shape, I would ask you what kind of shape are you talking about. If you want to run a marathon you will train one way and you will end up looking like a runner. If you want to “buff up” for the beach and want great abs and arms you would train a whole different way. In shape would be achieved however what that means varies. SO, If you are naturally a loud mouth (like me) and have no issue with the phone or a door knock than use that system. If you are more reserved than maybe farming and a COI referral approach might be the answer for you. Whatever you choose stick to it, don’t chase unicorns (they don’t exist) and make sure your goals are clearly in mind when you start…… You find what works for you cause it is your business…